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Pseudocool Records is a haven for artists & fans of songs that uplift, inspire and encourage listeners to think as they groove.  
  In the sales driven climate of today's record industry, artists with an original voice and vision are all too often passed over in favor of the more familiar.
Unfortunately, this practice does little more than encourage both players and buyers to stick to the creative paths most traveled, creating an increasingly stagnate cycle.  
  However, there is hope.
Across America and around the world, little bastions such as ours are springing up and fighting for a foothold in the name of musical quality and integrity.  
  The works contained within this web site are the happy result of the nurturing atmosphere that is the hallmark of Pseudocool Records.
We invite you to take a thorough look around, and please do follow the links to the official web sites of the performers listed whenever applicable.  
  If you're interested in purchasing one or more of the albums or would just like to know more, please e-mail us!
Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to bring these artists to the larger audience they so richly deserve: the world!  
  Now go...go and enjoy!
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