Rascalin & The Roots Rockers
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  • Rascalin guitar
  • David Elecciri drums
  • Ed Fuzell bass
  • Johnny "Blue" Bates keyboard

Rascalin & The Roots Rockers You Gotta Check Out This Band! If you are a reggae fan (and who isn’t, at heart), Rascalin & The Roots Rockers is a must see. Gleaning their 100% original music from the “old school” roots rock reggae style, Rascalin & The Roots Rockers infuse you with their deep, cavernous rythms, sweet soaring melodies, and highly infectious and totally danceable vibes. If you like Bob Marley and the Wailers or Peter Tosh, you’ll love this band. But that’s not all! Rascalin puts the “Rock” into “roots rock reggae” like no one else. Ever hear of “Eddie Van Marley”? This band truly are “Roots ROCKERS”. Having been called “a nine piece bliss machine”, Rascalin & The Roots Rockers consist of a diverse lineup of musicians and singers. Black and white, young and old, male and female. They are exactly the definition of “unity in music”. And if you’re looking for a message, you’ll find it here. With vocal stylings similar to Bob Marley and the Wailers, the heartfelt and evocative lyrics speak to the common man and woman. Whether you’re troubled, need to be inspired, want to be immersed in a deep groove, or just kick back and relax, this band can provide the words and music to assuage your needs. Based in Orange County, California, Rascalin and The Roots Rockers is the brainchild of a diverse and complex man named Rascalin, who searched long and hard for the right combination of dedicated people that would ultimately be able to understand his unique but purist vision. Over four years in the making, with many trials and tribulations, the final product is a highly polished group of professionals. The balance of seasoned pros and young talent keep the sound fresh and vibrant. With a bevy of horns, percussion, keyboards, backup vocalists, and the totally groovin’ core, you’re bound to skank your roots off when you hear Rascalin & The Roots Rockers. Peace, Respect and One Love, Rascalin & The Roots Rockers See & hear us online at: http://rootsrockers.handyman4u.com Send email to the band: rootsrockers@handyman4u.com For booking info call: 949.580.8165 Or email Jeff Duvall at: jeffduvall@handyman4u.com (c) 1999 Rascalin & The Roots Rockers

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