San Diego Solo Artists

Abbott, Paul "green tea" new!02.11.98
Antonelli, Cleo updated! 01.07.98
Bell, Holly
Bloom, Jeffrey Jones
Blue, Buddy
Brandes, Ray
Cahill, Charles
Dolan, Mary
Dr. Dave - moved to new jazz page
Earp, Jim
Easton, Hank
Holdsworth, Allan - moved to new jazz page
Howard, Dave
Hoyer, Kelly
Hummel, Elizabeth
Jewel (
Jewel (Atlantic Records)
Jewel another review
Jewel review of local concerts
Johnson, Ellen - moved to new jazz page
Johnson, LaMont - moved to new jazz page
Kanis, Jon
Katchur, John
Keneally, Mike
LeeWood, Dana updated! 02.10.98
Macpherson, Bill
Marken, Gideon "Harmonic Designs"
Montana, Country Dick
Neely, Darnell
Page, Gregory
Papaila, Dan - moved to new jazz page
Paulson, Mary
Parry, Alan - moved to new jazz page
Poltz, Steve
Poltz, Steve another cool review new!02.09.98
Radulovich, Marcelo
Rathburn, Joe
Sackey, Nee
Sanders, Lisa updated! 01.16.98
Scott, Jamey
Scott, Tim
Shankar, Ravi
Shinn, Rob
Stevens, John
Valle, Jaime - moved to new jazz page
Vaughan, Greg
Wilson, Kelly
Workman, Lylet new!02.09.98
Yandall, Patrick

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