Various Words

(from New Album, Pray For Speed)

No Rest

words by Tedd, music by Tedd and Todd of theMatter 1996 Spinning Bear and POD\NINE Publishing, All Right! Reserved, so, thanks...

This is not a joke
I really don't want to do this
I'll hang before i choke
I'm so totally serious
I can't command my emotions
Any more than i can
I make deals with all of them
I take prisoners and land
There Is No Rest (No More)
Thought I Was Blessed (For Sure)
Every wrong move made every right one (Makes More)
There Is No Rest No More

Been dreaming for so long
Too familiar with the chores
Too busy putting out Real fires
Gettin burned to the core
There aren't any walls outside of my room
Better than this closed door
Save the one i put up around my heart
So i can ignore ignore ignore this
Is A Test, There Is (No Rest)
There Is No Rest, This Is (A Test)
There Is No Rest My Friend
There Is No Rest...

You can wonder about me
And i can shut you out
It's not fair but it's not clear
That you need have any doubt

This white noise is testing me
Like a poison kiss
Can't really see myself thinking
Anymore like this...
There Is No Rest No More
Thought I Was Blessed For Sure
There Is No Rest No More
Every Wrong Move Made
There Is
No Rest

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