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WAV files (listening info), sampled at 22.1KHz 8-bit mono, about 30 seconds.

Try a slice of "Bullet" (chorus) 627k sound byte
Try another slice of "Bullet" (verse) 387k sound byte

INTRO: Hello, from all of us here at HEAD/TRAPP. Welcome to this independent world created by us and Head/Trapp Music. Inside you will find our bio and related information. You can link to our label home page here, see info about Mike Head's other band Blood Fruit, and hear a sample of the GSS sound. How about some of Doug's most awesome lyrics? And maybe a quick guitar lesson from The Monster himself will soon be a part. It's all here so sit back and point and click until your little heart is content.


Garage Salsa Society is a hard rock music group. Starting as an informal Tuesday night music club, GSS weaves tribal and pummeling rhythms with improvisation and controlled chaos. Jim and Doug were formerly known as 'Resurrection Of Love,' and were founding members of Tribal Electric. Releasing tapes and performing live, Resurrection built a following based on musicianship, Doug's amazing vocals, and song craft. Deciding to move on the two continued to write songs, playing and recording in the garage.

Teaming up with Doug's neighbor Mike seemed a natural after meeting, partying and attending each other's shows. Mike founded the San Diego label Head/Trapp Music, Head Court Recording Studios, The Vision Newsletter & local band Blood Fruit. The eight track set up in his garage would do just fine as the three got together every Tuesday for a jam, some beers, and tales of lore and music. The angst of not performing was building up with Doug and Jim, so with a bottle of Jaigermeister and Mike initially on the drum kit, they began to write entirely new songs together. Usually doing one entire song a night; listening back the next day wondering what the hell they did. "We were blazed" admits Doug, "but the freedom of no 'project' just jamming and recording was cool." What came about after three months was the demos for twelve simple yet unique songs. SUPER WOW is the band's full-length concept demo originally recorded at Head/Trapp. Get SUPERWoW!! at our home site/catalog.

They have begun to focus and evolve with the addition of drummer Keith Kaonis. The live show the band has worked up is one of ferocity and intensity, using dynamics, feedback and the element of surprise. The layers added by monster drummer Keith give the music its needed power, while Doug's amazing lead vocals and lyrics blend the listener into this surreal world. Wailing, swirling guitars and driving bass guitar round out this not metal, not grunge, serious modern rock sound. The band crafts a sonic wall mixing classic hard rock, modern heavy-rock and a touch of metal to make sure no one's taking the world that seriously. Live improvisations and dynamic peaks and valleys are the performances mainstay, each time expanding differently upon the epic GSS verse-chorus-bridge song-writing formula. The music is a caffeine charged melodious rush that allows the listener freedom for a good time. Imagine Alice in Chains in a good mood.

They have been released on the San Diego music compilation 'What Happened at Lake Ariana' and performed at the labels cd release party. Super Wow the eight song ep cassette is available now, with six of the eight songs recently re-recorded live at The forever to be missed WikiUp Cafe.

From the secret lives of the Garage Salsa Society....

...Hidden in the dark woods of San Carlos come the tribal and addictive sounds of GSS. Back to a new place; both familiar and bracing; seductive and fulfilling. Creating invigorating and soothing textures to love and to rock. Dance the groove and be free my child, return to the woods and to the tribes. Come on, come on, come on and please me...

Locally performing at Mr. Crowns, Winston's East, The Casbah and anywhere else they have a tap.

"SO LOUD I SHIT MY PANTS!!" said one patron.
"A beer bong for the soul...!!" -Gene Siksel.


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