Truckin's a State of Mind

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Well, we're rollin' along, singing our song,
we're trying to make love pay.
We're truckin' Georgia peaches down to Florida
and we're burnin' up the old highway.

I'm drivin' eighteen wheels, I've got nerves of steel
I've got my honey; she's by my side.
We've got a double bed, a camp stove, and a head
why, it makes for a pretty fine ride.

I'm Arizona born, I'm California bred
I broke my nut on a quarter-ton truck
and I just scraped by Pasadena High
where I graduated with luck.

Now the open road is educating me
it's the people I meet that I find
some dreams are bittersweet,
some dreams are incomplete
but truckin's a state of mind,
but truckin's a state of mind