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Rick Sinkiewicz

Rick Sinkiewicz


Hey Baby! My name is Richard King Sinkiewicz III. (When you have Roman numerals after your name--- your cool.) Anyway, enough about me. How 'bout you? --- That's enough. By the way, did I tell you what I'm good at? Well here's a list of a few things:

  • Trying to play guitar and sing at the same time
  • Being 10 minutes late wherever I go
  • Forgetting just about everything except my name
  • Taking naps
  • Brewing Coconut Creme Stout with lots of mind-altering levels of alcohol

Thom Brown


  • Name: Thomas Wayne Brown XIV
  • Sex: Male (Most of the time)
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Date of Birth: 3/10/73
  • Schooling: 2 year degree in Finger Painting from Charlie Brown Pre-School. BA in Psychology. MS in Skin Grafting Techniques using common household appliances. Doctorate in Zymurology.
  • Occupation: Underwater Welder and on the side I participate in scientific studies. Currently, the effects of toxins and biohazards on the human body.
  • Musical Influences: I really don't have a single influence. I think all that I have heard has influenced me.
  • Favorite bands/musicians: That's a tough one, there are so many I enjoy in all genres of music. Let's just say my favorite bands/musicians are ones who incorporate feeling and thought into their music. For me, a song must have both---if not, it is meaningless.
  • Equipment: Guitars, Amps, nose flute, Jew's harp, harmonica. (I would tell you what brands and models, but the companies declined sponsorship)
  • Last words: If you think for yourself, you'll enjoy the ride more. There is no math in music.

Rick Brown


Hi, this is Rick.

I play drums in the Brown Rubber Band. I find it difficult to talk about myself, so if you don't mind, I'm going to ask for your help. When you read this, read it with a friend. Have your friend be the interviewer and read the questions, and you can be me and read the answers (the questions are in italics). If your friend is the opposite sex, clothing can be optional, but be sure to be safe. Alright, here we go....

What were your musical influences? Well, let's see, the first record that I recall that had an influence on me was a recording put out by a toy manufacturer called The Weirdo's. It was produced by Hairy Records and claimed to have the sound of hair growing in the back ground of all the songs. I've tried to duplicate that sound of hair growing in my drumming. I think I'm getting real close on the new CD.

I understand you have a father and a son in the band. What's it like playing in a band with your son? I don't know, what's it like to kiss your sister? What most of you don't know is Rick Sinkieiwcz is also my nephew, it's a family affair.

Being, may I say, the "elder statesman," in the band do you have any advice for the youth of America? Ha-ha (loud laugh) are you calling me old?

By no means, I just thought you'd like to share some of your experiences. Yeah, right....ah... Remember where you came from. Your past experiences make you who you are. The ascent of mankind is a progression of learnings based on past successes and failures. Learn from your experiences and the experiences of others. It's alright to make a mistake, but learn from your mistakes.

So you're saying we should build on those traditional fundamental values form the past? Ah...(short pause)......Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll. That's my advice for the youth of America. Wow, I almost lost it for a second there, I forgot this was an interview.

Hey, gotta go now. The guys only let me out for shows and infrequent times like this, back to the asylum. Live long and prosper. Out.........

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