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  • Mike Stibs (Mika) vocals
  • Jarrod Worlitz bass
  • Varnum Macias drums

Boda is an energetic three piece spawned from the preppie commune of Redlands, Ca. They have been together upwards of six years. Mike Stibs (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Jarrod Worlitz (Bass, Vocals) and Varnum Macias (Drumkit) have struggled to define an original sound over the years, and have dazzled audiences with their own catchy breed of music. Boda has performed a variety of shows including (but certainly not limited to): Opening for several local acts at Court Street Square in San Bernardino; X-103.9's Rocktoberfest, opening for the Plimsouls and Ingrid's Ball; Pitruzellos in Riverside; Soundbank, an indie record store in Redlands; Also, in 1998, they placed second in the Battle of the Bands finals at Showcase Theater in Corona, and returned later to open for pop sensation Gene Loves Jezebel, a show also promoted by X-103.9. In 1999, they played the "Best of the Best" at Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom in Redlands, and as a result were given a spot on KVCR TV showcasing the band on the Flying Pigs Productions TV show, "Campus Daze." Boda kicked off the new millennium by landing a spot as the house band for Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom in the month of February. Later in the year, they played shows in the Starlit Amphitheatre with friends In Conspiracy of Thought and stars of the Disney Channel: Nobody's Angel and Amanda Dumas. Boda defines their music as "schizophrenic acid pop with multiple personalities." Boda sounds like Smashing Pumpkins playing the Doors, Nirvana playing Led Zeppelin, the Beatles with Lars Ulrich from Metallica on the drums. Their musical range spans many stylings and genres, but always retains a modern hard-rock feel, with a focus on melody and songs, which they feel has been lost in so much music today. Their music is quite unlike anything on the radio, which they pride themselves on. After suffering through many low-budget demos, Boda recorded an eight song LP, which they self-promoted at their shows. Entitled "Sanitized Acid Pop," the CD was an instant success, but the band was not satisfied with stopping there. At the end of 2000, Boda spent four days in Torrance, Ca with Grammy Nominated producer Dino Maddalone recording their new single(s) "Mexico / When She's Sleeping" which is sure to be a hit. The band actually has hours worth of material, which goes from fast and heavy to trippy and groovy to sweet and poppy. Boda sees that, with the coming of the new Millennium, there is a definite need for some new music on the scene, and are more than willing to fill the gap.

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