About Alan Parry

Born in North Hollywood, Alan Parry's earliest musical influences came from that core group of British rock n' rollers who topped the charts in the 1960's and 70's including the Beatles, Kinks, Who, Bowie, and Elton John. He wrote his first song, "I Need Her No More," as a sixth grader and relationship-themed songs continue to this day to distinguish his songbook.

Says Parry, " I was influenced heavily by songs that expressed human emotions and feelings wrapped around melodic jingely-jangely guitars played loud with a strong backbeat and vocals that conveyed the pain, sorrow, joy, and exhilaration of life."

A student at Arizona State University in Tempe, Parry continued writing songs and performing at local clubs. The rich works of Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, Alex Chilton, and Brian Wilson all exerted their influences on Parry and his own writing matured in the process.

Since the early 1980's, Parry has lived in San Diego and has appeared on stage throughout the area including shows at the Spirit, Belly Up Tavern, Drowsy Maggies, Java Joe's, Mikey's Coffeehouse, and the Better Worlde Galeria. His audiences have been wildly enthusiastic and deeply loyal over a career that has spanned three decades.

His debut CD, released on Parry's own label, BAM BAM Records, is called Anything You Want It To Be. This accomplished guitarist, pianist and vocalist presents 10 original rock n' pop songs that celebrate a wide range of musical styles. His lyrics are at times light and whimsical and at other times, reflective and highly personal. The tracks include "Normandy," a Beatlesque song about young love; a hard driving rock song called "Sound of Music"; a powerful piano ballad called "This Much to Me"; and a jazz/rockabilly flavored song called "Two Steps."

Anything You Want It To Be also features a beautifully haunting song called "Handful of Dust" and a rousing, radio friendly rocker called "I've Got My Eye on You."

Music critic Craig Zerouni says, " Imagine The Kinks, Big Star, and Costello mixed in a blender and served fresh." Another Los Angeles-based reviewer, Brian Rishel, said that "Parry's songs are unpretentious; they mirror images that are at times as familiar as a friend's smile and at other times, as distant as a forgotten memory. His songs above all else, affirm life and all the stuff -- good and bad -- that makes life the supreme adventure."

Says Parry, " Music was my best friend growing up. I'd play records in my room for hours on end till I learned every word and chord change. Song writing gave me a sense of purpose that has been both healing and uplifting. There's no more incredible feeling than creating something that never before existed."

Parry is joined by his wife Tammy who sings lead vocals on the poignant "Save Your Sorry's", as well as contributing background vocals on Anything You Want It To Be. Parry is currently enjoying spending as much time as is humanly possible with his two kids, and writing songs for his next album.